Isshin-Ryu Karate School located in Noblesville, Indiana

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American Blackbelt Karate Academy

We are an Indiana premiere martial arts school. We focus on more than the color of the belt. Our priority is to teach you the skills that can translate to every aspect of your life, whether that is in school or in business. Become the leader you were meant to be.

Our strength is our students

Programs are structured for ages 4 and up. Training is individualized. There are no cookie cutter programs here. Each belt rank is structured to ensure that each student comprehends the material and can perform the required material before moving forward. We teach a traditional style of Karate known as Isshin-Ryu. A discipline steeped in learning the art of Self-Defense. Our number one goal is to teach our students the importance of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. Classes cover forms, weapons, free-style sparring, and self-defense and are offered 6 days a week.

Core Values

In order to become a good leader you must have the qualities that set you apart from others. We develop character by teaching


More than just the physical and it is built over time. We encourage our students to build body and mind no matter the circumstances around them.


When you honor yourself you have the ability to respect others. We encourage:

Experience Camaraderie, Friendship, and Fun